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Liver Care Capsules

Liver Care Manufacturer

Price : USD 60.00

We are offering Liver Care Capsules. The origin of many pitta related health problems.poor liver function can be related to most complaints accompanied with inflamation and infection.excess bile production or congestion usually indicates high pitta.according to ayurveda the liver is the seat of fire in the body and easily heats up causing various inflammatory diseases.the subtle enzymes "bhuta agnis" are located in the liver which transform digested food into the five elements needed to build the body.the liver is also the site of most pitta related negative emotions such as anger,irritability,jealousy,over ambition and positive emotions such as courage, confidence,enthusiasm and will power.

The liver is intricately linked to dietary intake and how effectively and efficiently the body uses,stores or deactivates dietary derived substances absorbed from the intestine.most of the nutrients absorbed from the intestine are transported directly to the liver for storage,repacking or combining with other compounds.waste products and other potentially toxic substances produced in the body or absorbed from the intestine are detoxified in the liver.the liver is rightly called the engine of the body. The liver plays a pivotal role in the manufacture,storage and regulation of essential compounds.the liver plays an important role in the regulation of glycogen levels.minerals,proteins,sugars and fats are stored ,manufactured or regulated by this organ and damage to the liver could result in a host of serious health problems.

Liver Care Capsules : a natural herbal supplement for maintaining a strong healthy liver.


Price : USD 75 for a 3 month supply


Note :- 120 capsules/bottles, each 500 mg, 3 months supply".


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Use Liver Care Capsules
Dosage Form Capsule
Dosage As per directed by doctor
Storage Cool & Dry Place
Packaging Type Plastic Bottle
Usage Clinical, Hospital

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