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Viral Infection Capsules

VIF 10 Capsules
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Weight 100 gms
Grade Standard Medicine Grade
Shelf Life 2 Years
Form Capsules
Function Viral Infection
Dosage Form As Prescribe
Price USD 75 for a 3 month supply including shipping

Treatment of common fever in ayurveda basically is based on three elementary doshas. Treatment of common fever in ayurveda possesses its own idyllic idioms, referred to by those ancient Indian sages, who also had been successful to even nominate a separate name for fever itself. In the world of ayurvedic medicine, this very ordinary ailment, i.e., common fever or common cold, is referred to as Pratishyaya. All the three doshas in ayurveda are responsible for the occasional occurrence of cold, which however provides effective treatment in common fever. Vata dosha common fever has dry coughs, small amounts of discharge of mucus, a gruff voice, headache accompanied by runny nose. People with pitta dosha who have common colds is sure to have fever, with symptoms like an aching throat, yellowish nasal discharge and continuous snarl of the nasal passage. People with kapha dosha common fever...


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